Cool Off at Quail Run!

Published: July 3, 2019

Cool Off at Quail Run!

The summer heat is nearly upon us! As we head into July and August, the weather is beginning to warm up in eastern Washington, which means now’s a great time to try out some of our indoor and outdoor amenities! Whether you’re entertaining friends or family, we’ve got the spaces you need to make your get-togethers a blast.

Our Outdoor Features

Our pool is a true treat in our gated community. Though it may not be quite warm enough just yet for a quick dip, come August and September, it’ll be a great place to cool off and get some beneficial vitamin D—just remember to wear your sunscreen!

If you’re itching for a little outdoor lounging right now, try the hot tub! It’s the perfect temperature, especially in the early afternoons, for a relaxing session in our hot tub. The warm water is great for muscles that may still be stiff from our chilly spring!

Pair it up with a BBQ. Our pool and hot tub area are right beside our BBQ and cabana area—so while the grandkids splash and play (or you do!), throw some delicious meats, veggies, and even some fruits on the barbecue. Treat yourself to an icy margarita while you enjoy the sunshine!

Our Indoor Clubhouse

If you’re more interested in hanging out indoors, we’ve got a great spot for that, too. Our clubhouse is well suited for entertaining or lounging. It features a full kitchen—perfect for barbecuing outside and sipping wine inside—with ample space for all sorts of culinary activities.

Our clubhouse also has a library for those lazy, quiet afternoons, and billiards room for those more laid-back get-togethers.


Here at Quail Run, we pride ourselves on the beauty and functionality of our community spaces. We want to help you have the best summer (or fall, or winter, or spring) ever! Want to take a tour? Give us a call or contact us online!