Heart Healthy Tips for Seniors in 2023

Published: February 10, 2023

Heart Healthy Tips for Seniors in 2023

If you feel like you’ve heard all the warnings about heart disease, it’s worth repeating. According to a 2021 American Heart Association report, 77.5 percent of men and 75.4 percent of women ages 60 to 79 had some form of cardiovascular disease. And people aged 65 and older are more likely to suffer a heart attack than younger people.

As we age, changes in the heart’s blood vessels, along with the aging of muscles, kidneys, and lungs, contribute to heart disease. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are numerous steps you can take to minimize your risks of heart disease, as well as advanced treatment options to fight heart disease. The development of stronger, safer, and more flexible stents, advanced heart drugs, and effective implants is good news for patients with heart disease.

Here are heart-healthy tips for seniors in 2023!

Don’t stress about the small (or big) stuff

Stress can kill you. Stress raises the risk of high blood pressure, increases cholesterol levels, and your overall mental health and happiness. Of course, you can’t eliminate all forms of stress in your life, but there are ways to reduce and manage stress:

  • Practice self-care with a soothing bath, yoga, tai chi, massage, or meditation class
  • Seek out a professional
  • Identify and eliminate stress triggers
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Stay socially active
  • Adopt or foster a pet, 95 % of pet owners report that their pets reduce stress

Don’t overthink exercise

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking in an all-or-nothing way when it comes to exercise.  Exercise does not have to be an hour-long sweat fest; moderate exercise keeps your body moving and your heart pumping. Just move!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults aged 65 and older need at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity daily, five days a week. If you only have time for a quick 10-minute walk, that’s ok. Chances are, once you start, 10 minutes will turn into more.  You can split that exercise up in three 10-minute walks per day.

Try something new and keep it fresh with a Zumba, cycling, dance, yoga, or Pilates class. Build your muscles, overcome weight loss plateaus, and improve flexibility with strength training.

Incorporate Health Technology

Technology can be intimidating, but health technology can be life-changing and lifesaving for older adults. Here are two easy ways to use technology to improve your health in 2023!

Smart Watches

In addition to looking great, smartwatches also have amazing health features, such as medical alerts, fall detection, heart rate monitoring, and health and wellness metrics. There are many options available, some even designed specifically for older adults. Most smartwatch retailers have helpful customer service representatives to help you with setup and features.   

Digital Pill Dispensers

Digital pill dispensers can be programmed to unlock when it’s time to take your medicine, beep if you forget to take a pill, and notify caregivers if you don’t take your medication.

A quick tip: Active adult communities are designed specifically for the health and wellness of seniors.  These communities provide a maintenance-free, simplified lifestyle with high-end services and amenities. Contact us at Quail Run if you are considering an active adult community and want to learn more.